Why it’s a Good Idea to Keep Email and Web Hosting Separate

In many cases, when you purchase all in one hosting service plan which also include email service as part of your package.

Pretty exciting because you now can have the email address of your dreams! Something like yourname@yourdomain.com. So lovely and professional looking, right?

However, in most cases, it’s not the best idea to have your email hosted on all in one hosting service plan. Below we’ll explore why it’s a good idea to keep your email separate from your website hosting.

  • Web hosting is for hosting websites, not email. This means the support provided for email service is secondary to the support provided for website hosting. Most hosting company throw in email service as a bundle when you subscribe for all in one hosting service which is cheaper in term  of  price.
  • Too many services running on the same server, may slow down the server overall performance and will lead to email delivery issue.
  • In all in one server, If your website goes down due scripts vulnerability, your email may goes down too.
  • Splitting up your email and your website onto different servers means each host can focus on what they do best.

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