Why it’s a Good Idea to Keep Email and Web Hosting Separate

In many cases, when you purchase website hosting your website host may also offer you email boxes as part of your package.

Pretty exciting because you now can have the email address of your dreams! Something like yourname@yourdomain.com. So lovely and professional looking, right?

However, in many cases, ok, in most cases, it’s not the best idea to have your email hosted by your website host. Below we’ll explore why it’s a good idea to keep your email separate from your website hosting, the best options for email, and details on how to set up email for yourself.

Why Keep Email and Website Hosting Separate?

  • Website hosting is for hosting websites, not email. This means the support provided for email is secondary to the support provided for website hosting. Most hosts throw in email because it’s cheap and also because…
  • Hosting your email on your website host will take up space. The email that you are sending, recieving, all the attachments, everything will be taking up disc space that your website could be using.
  • Website hosting email software is lacking. The interface and functionality of the email software provided by website hosts is less than stellar. If you’re used to something like gmail or even yahoo mail, you will be disappointed.
  • Website hosting is not reliable. Website hosting, although fairly reliable, is not 100% reliable. If your website hosting goes down, your email will go down with it. In my 10+ years of having and managing websites, I have had hosting downtime from a couple of hours to a couple of days. Email is the central way of communicating in my business and if it is for you too, this is something to keep in mind.
  • Using website hosting for your email locks you in. You don’t want to be locked in to that website host forever. Maybe at some point you find a better deal for hosting your website somewhere else. Migrating a website is simple but migrating email can be from tricky to awful. Wouldn’t it be better if your email wasn’t tied to your website host and you could just change website hosts anytime you so pleased?

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