A Second Backup MX Service
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With All Unlimited Messages & Disk space Usage

How does it work?



Add our backup mx record and forget the rest.

Once your mail server is back online we will push the spooled messages received during your outage back to your server automatically.

No Backdoor for Junk! No Limits!

We utilize greylisting and highly reputable blacklists to curb over 95% of spam. You won’t have to worry about a backdoor for spam getting to your mail server by using our backup mx service. We don’t limit how much email we spool for your domain or how much disk space your emails take up.

Affordable Pricing. Better Features.


* Unlimited messages
* Unlimited disk space usage

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Why KLhost hosting is Best?

Hosting Isolation

Your website & Email will be safe even if there are vulnerable.

Server Level Protection

We integrated Separated Web & Email server for all hosting.

Free 24×7/365 Support

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