Reading messages

Reading Email Messages

SmarterMail displays whether you have unread email in your inbox, or in any folders, a number of different ways. Note: The first three notification types are demonstrated in the email interface diagram.

  • The number of unread messages will display next to the name of the folder in the navigation pane.
  • Unread messages display as bold in the content pane.
  • The number of unread messages in your inbox displays as part of the Email icon in the icon bar, to the left of the content pane.
  • A new message notification, also known as a “toast notification,” will temporarily display in the lower left corner of the webmail interface. Note: This feature can be disabled from the Account Settings page.

To view the contents of a message, simply click the desired message and it will load in the preview pane. You can also double-click the message and it will open in a separate pop-up window.

In general, the following options are available when viewing a message in a pop-up window:

  • Reply – Allows you to respond to the sender only.
  • Reply All – Allows you to respond to the sender and everyone else who received the message. This includes all email addresses listed in the To and Cc fields, except your own email address.
  • Forward – Allows you to send the message to a third-party, not in the To or Cc fields.
  • Delete – Moves the message to the Deleted Items folder. Note: This is the default action taken when a message is deleted. Depending on your account settings, the delete action may be different. For more information, see Deleting Email Messages.
  • Move – Moves the selected message(s) to any available folder.
  • Mark – Click this button and select the appropriate option to mark the selected message(s) as follow-up, no follow-up, or spam.
    • Follow-up – Marks the selected message(s) for follow-up and changes the color of the follow-up flag appropriately.
    • No follow-up – Removes the selected message(s) as being marked for follow-up and changes the color of the follow-up flag appropriately.
    • Spam – Marks the message as spam and moves it to the Deleted Items folder.Note: SmarterMail uses Bayesian filtering to evaluate the header and content of an incoming message and determine the probability that it is spam. This type of spam filtering “learns” to differentiate real mail from unwanted junk mail by examining the words and punctuation in large samples of both types of messages. As a result, every time a user marks a message as spam, the Bayesian filtering improves. For users with the Message Sniffer or Cyren Premium Antispam add-on, messages marked as spam will be sent to the appropriate center for evaluation.
  • Add – Creates a new task and links it to the message. For more information, see Linking to Email Tasks.
  • View – By default, SmarterMail displays messages in HTML format because it provides formatting and markup capabilities that are not available in plain text. However, there may be times when you want to view the message in a different format or you need to view more than the message content. The different view options are as follows:
    • HTML – Displays the message in HTML format, which allows for colors, fonts, graphics, and other formatting.
    • Text – Displays the message in plain text, which only allows text content with no special formatting or graphics.
    • Raw Content – Displays the content of the email exactly as the server received it. This is helpful if you cannot view the message in any other display mode.
    • Header – Displays the header of the message, which indicates the path the email took to get to your email account, along with several other pieces of information.
  • Print – Prints the message in whatever View you’re in. For example, if you’re viewing the raw content of the message then hit the print button, you will print the raw content.
  • Close – If a message is opened in a new window, this closes the window.

Downloading Email Attachments

If the message has an attachment, a paperclip will display in the header of the message. In addition, an attachments tab will display under the message header in the preview pane. To view a file that was attached to a message, click the attachments tab and then click the appropriate file. Attachments can be downloaded and viewed individually or it’s possible to dowload all attachments in one .ZIP file by simply clicking the Download All Attachments link that appears at the top of the Attachments tab.

SmarterMail also makes it easy for users to see all messages that contain attachments. Simply, expand the By Type click All Attachments at the bottom of the navigation pane.

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