How to setup email address in Microsoft Outlook

Go to Microsoft Outlook  2007 ,  Choose “Tools” – “Account setting..”

Click  on the ” new… ”  option  and fill  in your email address’s information as shown below. Remember to  “Tick”  on Manual Configure server settings or additional server types. Once completed, clcik on the “next” button.

Choose  “Internet E-mail”  and click on the “Next”  button.

 Fill  in your email address’s information  as below and click on the “More Settings..” button.

 Click on “Outgoing Server” option and “Tick” My outgoing server (SMTP) requires Authentication. Once Completed,  Click  on the “OK” button.


if you  are using Streamyx ISP,  You need to  change the Outgoing SMTP Port from  25 to  587.
Click on the “Advance” option,  change the “Outgoing server port” number from  25 to  587.

For others ISP,  you  may leave it as “25”.

Click on the  “Next”  Button.

Click on the “Finish” button.

You will  see your email account appear on the “Account Settings” menu. Click on the “Close”  button and you  are ready to  send and receive email now.

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